I am Louise Kandakai, originally from Liberia, West Africa.  I was born with the gift of sight, also known as clairvoyance, and have been reading for people since I was 8 years old. Amongst my clients have been celebrities, entertainers, world leaders, business tycoons and people from every walk of life who are facing challenges or seeking information about their spiritual path.

I am a mother and a grandmother, and was born to Reverend Christopher Kandakai, an Episcopalian Minister (retired) and Bennatta Sade Kandakai, homemaker and nurse. I am one of six children. One of my sisters is a healer and another is a dreamer. I have cousins, nieces and nephews in the USA and Africa.

My clairvoyance most likely came from Darkeh Kandakai, my grandfather on my father’s side. He was a seer who provided consultations during World War II. Our village was named for my grandfather, Darkeh Village, in Moto, Gbaa in Capemount County, Liberia, West Africa.

I felt an urging to travel to distant lands to fulfill my destiny and life’s work.

I have resided in the USA for over thirty years, and have counseled thousands of people during this time. I have an international clientele from all over the world. It is my dream and my goal to return to my village and build Soul Serenity Retreat – a spiritual oasis where all people are welcome.

I work with many saints in my spiritual work, and use prayer to overcome obstacles.

Soul Serenity is located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. I provide spiritual clairvoyant readings in person and by telephone to people all over the world. I use my sight to answer many questions, not limited to, but including:

* Spiritual Growth
* Love and Relationships
* Career and Money Matters
* Business and Financial
* Health and Wellness
* Crisis Consultations

I am excited to offer eQuestions, my most popular service, which allows you to ask me a question through an interactive forum right here on my website. Refer to eQuestions for details.

You can see what others are saying about me and my services by reading the testimonials sprinkled  throughout my website.

My gift of sight is a blessing from God. I conduct my spiritual work with truth and integrity.

I do not use my abilities for entertainment purposes, like lucky lotto numbers, etc., nor for frivolous inquiries. In this respect, I do not waste my time or your money. I honor you, and I honor the gift God has given me.